Who We Are...

Our church was founded in 1895 and is a local congregation of the United Church of Christ, a mainline Protestant denomination of 1.7 million members strong. The Clackamas United Church of Christ is a small but mighty congregation of 120 members. We embrace a tradition of progressive involvement in issues which uphold the rights, dignity, and equality of all people under God.

The richness of Clackamas United Church of Christ is that we seek to be a truly inclusive church. We believe that "God so loved the world," and strive to reflect that belief.

In all that we do, we make every effort to act as Christ would have us act. We do not exclude anyone from being an active participant in our congregation because of their gender, sexual orientation, race, age, physical challenges, or social-economic status. We worship with inclusive language, meaning that the language that we use is not sexist, ageist, or classist. Our passion to be inclusive is our response to God's call to build a church for all people.

Throughout its history - from early engagement in the movement to abolish slavery to modern campaigns for civil rights and social justice - the UCC in every setting of the church has been engaged in ministries of compassion, advocacy and reconciliation. While there is a deep respect in the UCC for the right of every individual member to form her or his own views on these issues, there has always been a recognizable passion across our church to "make things right" - as a testament to our faith in God, our hope for God's future, our love for God's creation. In this way we seek to apply the commandment of Jesus Christ to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Clackamas United Church of Christ is a "Just Peace" church. One of the first such churches established in the Central Pacific Conference. What does this mean for us as a congregation and as individuals? It means that:

rain garden install
As part of our environmental focus, CUCC received a grant from the Clackamas County Soil & Water Conservation District to install a rain garden on our property. We now have a natural way to collect, slow and filter water run off before it meets up with Kellogg Creek. CUCC shares its border with Ann-Toni Schreiber park, and sits within the Kellogg Creek watershed. Take a look at our entire rain garden installation edited down to less than a minute! Or read the recent article about our rain garden from the Clackamas Review


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Mission Statement

In response to the Grace of God through Jesus Christ, and with the power of the Holy Spirit, the mission of the Clackamas United Church of Christ is:

to be an intergenerational, caring, affirming, and nurturing community which fosters spiritual development, healing, and renewal.

We seek to accomplish this purpose through worship, spiritual contemplation, theological education, and active response to the needs of our church, community, and world. Our congregation strives to live in the teaching of Jesus Christ through our ministries and our Just Peace focus.

Just Peace Covenant

We, the members of the Clackamas United Church of Christ recognize God calls us to intentionally work for peace and justice in our world and life together. We covenant with God and each other to be a Just Peace Church, which is:

a) open and affirming, welcoming and accepting of ALL people regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, age, nationality, or physical ability

b) committed to peace education, spiritual development, social/justice advocacy, community witness, and ecological stewardship

We strive to make a difference in our lives and the lives of all who experience injustice and violence in our community, nation, and world. We reach out to these people to understand those problems and issues which are often overlooked. The vision of Shalom is present in both our reflection and action.

We acknowledge that we have only begun to be what Christ has called us to be. By the act of declaring ourselves a Just Peace Church, we know that we are moving closer to living more fully as Christ's faithful followers. We acknowledge that we have only begun to be what Christ has called us to be. By the act of declaring ourselves a Just Peace Church, we know that we are moving closer to living more fully as Christ's faithful followers. Doing justice, seeking peace and building community are central to the identity of the United Church of Christ.

To put it quite simply,
We Do Justice!

In the United Church of Christ, we do justice.
We started in the 60's with the Civil Right movement.
We've been advocating for gay rights since the 70's.
We took on environmental racism in the 80's.
And in 2005, we were the first church in
America to endorse marriage equality.
We're doing justice.

Join us!