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Breaking free from Unhealthy Habit Energy

Hi Friends, Welcome back to another mindfulness Monday!

Today I talk about breaking free from unhealthy habit energies. We all have habits in life that, If not mindful can turn into unhealthy habits over time, without even realizing it. The following few tips are tiny nuggets you may try to help with your awareness, as you move through working towards developing new healthy habits of your choice.

#1. RADICAL ACCEPTANCE: In order to change any unhealthy patterns in our lives, we have to become very Honest with ourselves about what it is that we find unhealthy , without judging ourselves in the process.

#2. BE CURIOUS: When you notice yourself doing the unhealthy habit, simply be curious. WITHOUT JUDGMENT. Ponder on your moments.

#3. NOT TRYING TO CHANGE IT: Often when we are looking to make new habits in our lives, we beat ourselves up. During this process we aren’t trying to change anything. we’re just being a curious friend.

#4. MINDFULNESS: Over time, Allows us to learn NOT to add suffering ON TOP of stress or unpleasant moments. Those moments do not need more hurt on top of an already unpleasant experience.

Join me in this Short SELF-LOVE Guided Meditation .

Have a productive, self loving week!


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