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“Doubt Night” with Pastor Adam

Do you have doubts? Sure you do. We all have doubts. And hey, what if doubts are not something to be ashamed of? What if they are holy? Let’s talk about doubt. Doubt about the existence of God or the Bible or Jesus or the church or whatever! At Doubt Night, there is no judgment, only acceptance of everything about you, including any doubts you might have.

Here’s how it works. We will meet together in the sanctuary. You will be given note cards and a pen. You can write your doubt anonymously on the note card and hand it to Pastor Adam. We will also have a microphone that you can talk into if you’d like. We will talk together about our doubts. This is not necessarily a time to come up with answers. Answers may come, but this is a time for us to experience that in our doubts and in our faith, we are loved by our church and by God.