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Open and Affirming Part 5: Leviticus and My Bacon Eating Lifestyle

We at Clackamas United Church of Christ would like to make a confession.

Some of us eat bacon. Some of us eat shrimp. And some of us eat shrimp wrapped in bacon!!!

And we all wear garments made of different materials. (Polyester!?! Oh the shame!)

And some of us have even brought these things into our worship space! (Mmm…God…bacon…and coffee…)

According to Leviticus, God does not approve of our bacon eating, polyester wearing lifestyles. We are living in violation of “clear” Biblical teachings.

Oh sure. Some of us try to find all kinds of excuses to, you know, “justify” our bacon eating and polyester wearing lifestyles, but the Bible is “clear.”

Interestingly, nobody is demanding that we repent from our bacon eating, polyester wearing lifestyle…

Here’s our confession: We 100% do not care about those passages in Leviticus.

In fact, Jesus never quoted those passages in Leviticus. Nor did he quote another passage in Leviticus that many like to bring up to condemn our LGBTQ siblings. He didn’t seem to care about those passages.

Do you know what passage in Leviticus Jesus did care about?

“Love your neighbor as yourself.”

So, go ahead. You boldly eat that slice of bacon. You confidently wear that polyester. If you are an LGBTQ person, live proudly into your God-given identity. For God loves you just as you are and just as you are becoming.

I’m off to eat some bacon.


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