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Open and Affirming Part 6: The Biblical Rainbow Is the Perfect Symbol for the LGBTQ Community

The LGBTQ community has every right to claim the rainbow.

Some religious folks are utterly offended that the LGBTQ community has identified with the rainbow. They claim that the rainbow belongs to Christians and how dare LGBTQ folks steal it from us!

But here’s the thing: The Biblical rainbow doesn’t belong solely to Christians. The rainbow belongs to all of humanity, but especially to those who suffer violence.

In other words, the rainbow belongs to the LGBTQ community and they have every right to claim it.

The problem in Genesis is that “the earth was corrupt in God’s sight, and the earth was filled with violence” (6:11). People were killing one another, and the violence escalated to apocalyptic proportions. God regretted making humans because they were violent, so God flooded the earth, killing everyone except for Noah, his family, and some animals.

After the flood, God had a change of heart. People began to populate the earth again, and they continued to act violently. But God promised to never violently flood the earth again, and God set the rainbow in the sky as a promise to “all flesh” to never flood the earth (9:17). The rainbow is a sign that “all flesh” is saved from God’s flood of violence. God will never do that again to any flesh, including LGBTQ flesh.

Tragically, the divine promise of the rainbow doesn’t save us from the violence we continue to inflict upon one another. Even worse, a certain brand of Christianity is relentlessly violent in words and actions toward the LGBTQ community. These Christians need to follow God’s rainbow promise and stop being violent toward any flesh, including LGBTQ flesh.

So, if you identify as LGBTQ, you have every right to proclaim the rainbow. It was made for you.

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Open and Affirming Part 6: The Biblical Rainbow Is the Perfect Symbol for the LGBTQ Community