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Sermons by Rev. Adam Ericksen (Page 14)

How My Mom Introduced Me to Jesus

Mother’s Day brings a full range of emotions. It’s a day of celebrating mothers, but can also be a painful reminder of a lost mother or of lost children. It’s when we come to God with honesty and our full range of emotions when we realize that we are fully loved.

Spiritual Pruning: Racism in America

God is often described metaphorically as a gardener in the Bible. God prunes the withered branches of our souls. What are the withered branches in our souls and in our national soul that needs to be pruned? Recent events at a Starbucks and Waffle Houses remind us that racism is a withered branch that continuously…

The Art of Being Sheep

Jesus is the Good Shepherd, but if he’s the Good Shepherd, that makes us his…sheep! Raise your hand if you want to be a sheep…No one wants to be sheep! We don’t want to be mindless followers. But Jesus doesn’t want us to be mindless followers either. Jesus meant something totally different – that Jesus…