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Sermons by Rev. Charlie Hinkle

Overcoming Religious Shame

Print Bulletin Prelude Adam: God be with you.All: And also with you. Welcome and Announcements – Adam Ericksen Lighting of the Peace Candle – Charlie Hinkle and AdamAdam: Our tradition at CUCC is to light a peace candle at the beginning of each worship service to center ourselves around the Peace of God. Charlie will lead us in the liturgy as Gavin lights…

The Politics of a Christian Nation Are to Love Your Neighbor

Sometimes people ask how a church can welcome all these people. After all, doesn’t religion cause you to exclude people who “don’t belong?” In our passage from Matthew 22 at worship today, Jesus says the most important commandment is to love. He makes no exceptions. Neither do we. God loves you. And so do we. Prelude – Be Thou My Vision, played…

The Son of God Believes in You

Today we will hear a story where the disciples call Jesus the “Son of God.” This is not merely pious religious language. This is political. In the ancient Roman Empire, the Caesar was called the “Son of God.” It was a political statement of divine power. And that political statement led to oppression. The early…