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The Criticizer, the Criticized, and the Wise Compassionate Observer: from the Self-Compassion Book Club

This exercise Is from the Book Club that My friends and I are doing together, SELF-COMPASSION; by Kristen Neff. If you haven’t seen Episode #1, head over to the other post on this site to catch up!

In Exercise Two: the author talks about the “Two Chair Dialog” modeled after Therapist Leslie Greenberg. In our case, we are using the “3 chair” approach. “To begin, Put out 3 empty chairs, preferably in a triangular arrangement. Next, think about an issue that often troubles you, and that often elicits harsh self criticism. Designate one chair as the voice of your inner self critic, one chair as the voice of the part of you that feels judged and criticized, and one chair as the voice of the wise compassionate observer.” (page 35 in the book)

In this video, I walk us through what this exercise could look like when completed. Please feel free to share your experiences if you choose to do this as well. we appreciate you.



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