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It may surprise you, but despite the fact that abortion has been practiced throughout human history, the Bible never mentions the practice of abortion.

Two passages in the Hebrew Scriptures come close. First, Numbers 5 states that a woman accused of adultery is to go to the Temple. A priest forces her to drink holy water mixed with dust from the floor. (Gross.) If she was guilty, her uterus drops, causing the fetus to abort if she was pregnant and causing her to be infertile. Apparently, God endorses this procedure that leads to abortion.

Second, Exodus 21 states that if a pregnant woman gets hit and miscarries, but no further harm is done to the woman, then she must be paid what her husband demands. But if the woman is harmed or killed, *then* you must “give life for life.” This passage treats the fetus as property, not life.

While the NT says nothing about abortion, Jesus honored a person’s right to determine and advocate for their body and healthcare needs. In Mark 5 a woman who was hemorrhaging for 12 years had faith that if she touched Jesus’ robe she would be healed. 

She advocated for her own healthcare and bodily autonomy as she touched Jesus’ robe and was healed. She advocated for herself and determined for herself what she should do with her body. Jesus told her that her faith made her well.

The Supreme Court’s recent decision won’t stop abortions. It will endanger the lives of people who get abortions in ways that are risky to their lives.

We know that the number one reason for abortions is financial insecurity. If we are really “pro-life,” then we would advocate for policies that foster financial security for children and their families. These policies include universal healthcare, universal daycare, ending houselessness, funding education, access to free contraceptives, comprehensive sex education, paid family leave, welfare funding, and closing the wage gap.

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