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We want to be upfront with you about what we believe. Here’s a list of a few of the most important things to us.

Grace and love are for all people

God is love. God loves all people and families. So do we. All are welcome.

God is still speaking

Some believe that God only spoke long ago through the Bible. We believe that God is still speaking today through books, movies, music, and in many different ways. Our job is to listen and discover where God is still speaking today.

The spiritual life is a journey

We’re on this journey together. It’s exciting, but it’s not always easy. Sometimes there are bumps in the road. Sometimes we even fall. But there’s always someone walking alongside us to pick us up on the way.

Doubts and questions are always welcome

Do you have doubts? So do we. We talk openly about our doubts and our faith. We believe God is everywhere, even within our doubts. In fact, the more we learn about God, the more questions we’re likely to have.

Everyone is in ministry

Who is our minister here at CUCC? Everyone is a minister. Everyone has a gift to share. Sometimes it’s listening. Sometimes it’s music. Sometimes it’s helping maintain the building. Sometimes it’s helping to lead worship. And sometimes it’s visiting someone in the hospital.

God is in the restoration business!

We believe that God is restoring all of creation. The future is one of restoration and that restoration is happening now. Our mission is to participate in that restoration today through acts of justice, peace, and reconciliation.